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Romeo and Juliet Final Project

Your final project for Romeo and Juliet will be grouped into two parts: writing assignments and alternative assignments. You will have a choice for both of these elements of the project. Choose two assignments from the writing options and two from the alternative assessment options.


1. Writing Assignments- Choose an essay topic and a creative writing topic
A. Essay Requirements:
  • 2 pages, typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman font
  • You may answer any of the following essay topics in a clear, well-written essay
with an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
  • Your essay will be graded for content and conventions (grammar and spelling).

Essay Choices

1. Compare and contrast any two scenes from the two versions of the play we experienced in class (The modern film and the original script). Describe what you saw in each. What are the differences? What are the similarities? Discuss at least 3 of the following: choice of text, use of music, camera angles and filming, image of the characters or setting.
2. In the prologue, Shakespeare calls Romeo and Juliet “star-crossed lovers,” meaning that their destiny is controlled by fate, or the stars. Explain how this idea is developed throughout the play.
3. Compare and contrast the characters in another story to Romeo and Juliet. For example, you could use Bella and Edward from the Twilight series.

B. Creative Writing Requirements
  • Must be typed, double-spaced
  • No less than one page where applicable

Creative Writing Choices
1. Rewrite a scene from Romeo and Juliet into modern language. Explain the setting, the characters and the stage directions for your scene.
2. Create the front page of a newspaper "The Verona Voice" Report on some of the events of the play. This must be formatted like a newspaper.
3. Write your own original script in the style of Shakespeare

No Late Assignments!!! Please see Mr. B if you need help with any portion of this project.

Alternative Assessments

These alternative assessments will be graded on effort. Your final product must reflect that you have put forth the appropriate time and effort to earn the full grade. For example, do not hand in an artistic interpretation of something drawn on computer paper with pencil. You will not get credit.


1. Dramatic Interpretation (may be done in groups of 2-3): Stage a scene from Romeo and Juliet. You may act out the performance live for the class or film it and play it for the class. This may be performed using the original language and setting, or you may modify it for another time period. You must use props and costumes! You may not read your lines from a script. Each person must speak 15 lines. .
2. Photo Story- Create a photo story for any of the scenes from Romeo and Juliet. This is a slide show set to music and audio. Use powerpoint for this assignment. Must have at least five slides.
3. Graphic Novel- Create a graphic novel for Romeo and Juliet. This must include at least 5 drawings with captions. Drawings must be in color, and graphic novel must have a cover page drawn in color!
4. Artistic Interpretation- Choose a few lines from the play that are meaningful to you. Draw or paint a picture that conveys the meaning of those lines. Write a written explanation of your artwork. Must do at least three drawings, and drawings must be in color!
5. Character Scrapbook- Create a scrapbook with a page for 5 different characters. The page should be a representation of the character and what they value. You may add pictures of what you think the character should look like.

Other Ideas: A statue of Juliet is mentioned at the end of the play. Quote the text that relates to this. What in your opinion is the significance of the statue? Design/build it and explain your art piece. Write why you chose to create the statue you created.